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Psychotherapy & Counselling Description


Asking for help is often the most difficult step in the journey towards healing and happiness.

Reach out to begin planning your journey towards wellness.

Girl in Therapy

Psychotherapy & Counselling

Mental health support for

children, teens and adults

Individual psychotherapy and counselling is a process aimed at relieving mental health concerns and emotional distress. It can help individuals by improving symptoms associated with stress, assisting in overcoming relationship difficulties. and supporting client understanding about distress management, boundary setting, and managing expectations. Psychotherapy can benefit individuals seeking help with concerns associated with anxiety, depression, heightened stress experience, isolation, upsetting life experiences, trauma, and relationship breakdowns. 

Athletes in elite sports face adversity during training, games, coaching, and injury. Sport mindset coaching and psychotherapy supports elite athletes so they can perform at their best when it matters the most. Mental strength, resiliency, and strategies can be highly influential in athletic performance and success. Supporting athletes in developing cognitive performance strategies and defining clear goals while supporting their mental health needs can be a crucial ingredient in their continued growth and success.

Young Gymnast

Sports Mindset Coaching

Mental health strategies, goal setting, and psychological support for athletes competing in or pursuing elite sports.

Sports Mindset Coaching Description
Parent Coaching Description
Couples Therapy

Parent Coaching

Parenting support and coaching

Parent coaching and counselling provides the opportunity for parents to explore parenting concerns and strategies with the support of a psychotherapist trained in child development, parenting, and attachment theories. Parenting children and teens can be a difficult and challenging full-time job, and parents cannot be expected to have all the answers. Parent coaching and counselling can help parents respond to specific challenges such as family transitions, illnesses, child or teen behavioural concerns, and resolving individual differences between parent(s) and child. 

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