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Fees for Services

Below you will find fees for the services we offer.

Did you know that employee benefits plans often have opportunities to claim therapy services?

Check with your provider to determine what your plan covers.

Girl in Therapy

Individual Therapy Session

Individual psychotherapy and counselling is a process aimed at relieving mental health concerns and emotional distress. It can help individuals by improving symptoms associated with stress, assisting in overcoming relationship difficulties. and supporting client understanding about distress management, boundary setting, and managing expectations. Psychotherapy can benefit individuals seeking help with concerns associated with anxiety, depression, heightened stress experience, isolation, upsetting life experiences, trauma, and relationship breakdowns. 

Couples Therapy

Family or Couples Therapy

Couple and family relationships are a dynamic combination of personalities, life experiences, and interaction styles. Psychotherapy supports clients in exploring the effective and ineffective dynamics and functions in the couple/family system. This form of psychotherapy can benefit those experiencing disturbances in their relationships and those seeking help with concerns associated with family functioning, marital discord or breakdown, delinquency, and/or emotional, mental, or emotional disturbances of one or more of its members.

Child Therapist

Psychological Assessments

Psychological assessment can help clients understand certain challenges they are experiencing. It can promote the identification of multiple mental, psychosocial, academic, and career concerns, and encourages compassionate understanding of client strengths and challenges. Specific tools, procedures, and practices for assessing and planning interventions that address client concerns can be interwoven into psychotherapy to promote a holistic response targeted towards supporting client wellness, growth, and personal success.

$140 / 50 minute session

$195 / 75 minute session

prices vary based on individual assessment needs


Session costs are subject to HST charges.
Payment is due on the day of the session and payment methods accepted include: cash, credit or e-transfer.
Pro bono sessions for healthcare workers responding to COVID-19 may be available - please email to inquire.
OHIP does not cover Psychotherapy; however, third party insurance plans may provide coverage. Clients are responsible for making arrangements with third party insurance, paying for sessions, and submitting receipts for reimbursement to insurance providers.
Any services that are not claimed through a third party insurer may be claimable as a medical expense on income tax.
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